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The ups and downs

Lagos Nigeria, The city they call no man's land?

Lagos is the former capital of Africa’s largest country, Nigeria. It is called centre of excellence because of its reputation of housing the very best of Nigeria’s skilled workforce.

Lagos nigeria
Lagos Island
It is also home to the country’s top industries and businesses with over 65% of imported goods passing through its ports and 80% of manufacturing being handled within or around its vicinity.

With such massive economic facts, Lagos is the life-wire of the Nigerian economy. This is best explained by the fact that no macro economic activity can ever succeed with Lagos being alienated. Downside

Travelling to Lagos Nigeria from within or outside could surprise many a first time visitor, because it seems strange that an economic giant like Lagos will be very disorderly (this doesn’t surprise me as New York, Paris and some leading cities of the world also have their own share of similar problems).

exxon mobil nigeria
Exxon Mobil Lagos

Part of that problem is caused by a massive rural-urban mass drift of people seeking better economic opportunities (mainly from within Nigeria or neighbouring countries) or just here to study, on official duty or sight seeing.

The other reason being that Lagos has failed to abide by its master plan, thus making it possible for all manner people to start and continue whatever pleases or interests them the list is long.

Indiscriminate building of housing, illegal use of roadsides for commercial activities and the presence of social misfits called area boys in large numbers especially seen in densely populated parts of the city who really constitute a nuisance to themselves and others as well.
Lagos nigeria
CMS Cathedral(view from Eko bridge)

There is also high unemployment rate, pressure on available infrastructure and a steadily declining but worrisome crime rate. Other minor downs include traffic congestion in most major parts of the city, filth on many streets and noise pollution. Upside

1.Cultural Diversity and peaceful habitation

But despite these facts Lagos Nigeria is home to enterprising and responsible people from all parts of the world. Most Lagos residents (Lagosians), possibly 60% or more are from the Yoruba speaking south west part of Nigeria, while Nigerians from other parts of the country make up between 35 and 38% of the population.

deputy governor Lagos nigeria
Ikeja Secretariat
Foreigners from mainly West African countries are by far the largest part of the expatriate population working mainly as domestic staff, teachers, artisans and cooks or having other unskilled or semi-skilled occupations, while some others are employed in skilled professions including nursing, Medical practice among others.

Other African countries from North and southern parts of Africa also have their citizens working or living in Lagos.

The expatriate population from overseas is made up mainly of Asians like Indians, Lebanese, Chinese and Koreans as well as Europeans from Britain, Germany, Holland, Russia and elsewhere who usually work as Oil and energy workers, business people, engineers, Journalists, IT professionals and other skilled professionals.

lagos nigeria
Fedex delivery
things to consider about working in Lagos 2. A land of equal opportunities for all

The economy of Lagos Nigeria encourages free enterprise and rewards productivity especially entrepreneurship without much bias.

A good product or service rendered will receive massive patronage regardless of who, where and how it was produced.

Anyone with a brilliant idea, integrity, business knowledge and enough motivation can ‘easily’ build an empire from scratch.

No wonder Indians, Chinese and Lebanese keep rushing down to set up businesses in this part of the world known famously as no man’s land.

3.Welcoming and receptive people

One thing foreigners cannot take away from Lagos Nigeria is the fact that its residents are among the most welcoming people in the world.

silverbird galleria lagos
Silverbird galleria

The typical first time visitor will be pleasantly surprised to know that people will show interest in minor problems you are facing and will give you a listening ear.

Also the people seem eager to let you know more about their place and culture. 4. A rapidly improving environment

The new regime in Lagos Nigeria is working well to make the environment more conducive for all to live in.

The streets of major parts of the city are wearing more attractive looks just as law enforcement is steadily improving. There is also an on going project to make Lagos a model city in Africa.

Also more infrastructure is being erected in different parts of the city.

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